How to deploy docker cluster with swarm on Nutanix

  • 17 July 2016
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Buddies, Good morning!
What I wonder to know is with docker swarm cluster runs on nutanix in detail. Can Acopolis container service support swarm or only support rancher? Thanks.


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2 replies

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I see you're an employee, please Sync up with Denis G from engineering and  from PM internally.

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Hi Ricky,

This would be good to know.
I was looking for information the same, so far I could only identify details that containers can be created on the Nutanix but not that an entire Docker Swarm can be created and used.

My references used:
Docker Guide
.NEXT Article

If there is any help / documentation avaialble to create a docker swarm cluster on Nutanix with ACS (if possible), it would be great to share that with me...