How to create different vSwitch for VM traffic?

  • 27 February 2023
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How to create a new vSwitch in AHV to separate the VM traffic to go thru different physical nics?

Example, CVM on default vSwitch on eth0, VM traffic on vSwitch on eth1?

Also I need to configure LACP on the connection.


Anthony Yen.

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4 replies

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Hello @Yen 

To create new vswitch, please following the below guide:

For LACP, you need to configure it on the switch first

Hi @Yen 

I would rather configure LACP on the Nutanix Side first. 

If the switch does not have LACP configured the vSwitch on the Nutanix Side is using the LACP-Fallback feature using Active/Backup until the Switch is configured with LACP. 

Otherwise you might loose connectivity if the switch is configured first (depending on the switch). 


Here is another KB adding to the Prism Guide posted above:
How to Enable, Disable, and Verify LACP on AHV hosts (

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@Peter Seidl , If during the foundation time the network is not ready yet, you suggested to use Active/Backup first right for imaging process? After the network switch configured with LACP only change the configuration to LACP?


Anthony Yen.

Hello @Yen,

If your switch is not configured properly (e.g. with lacp) then I would do the initial foundation with active/backup. 
If you need to Foundation a new cluster you can set the LACP Settings directly on the first page of your foundation. Your switch should configured with lacp prior to installing/foundation the cluster. 

In an already running cluster you can configure LACP (active/active) via Prism as Mustafa linked above. After configuring your vSwitch on nutanix you can configure lacp on your switch. 
This also depends on your switch and how the exact order of setting up lacp is. 
See the recommendations in the KB I linked above. 

Configuring your second vSwitch for VM traffic always has to be done after the initial setup of the cluster.