How do you get your protected vms to power on when you migrate an Asnch DR Protection domain?

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I have running vms in a consistency group within an asynch DR Protection domain. The snapshots are replicating locally and to a remote sign fine. When I manually migrate the Protection Domain to the remote site the vms are coming online fine at the target site, but they are not automatically powering on? I have to right click on them and manually power them on. Is this normal or should the migrate feature power them on, assuming they were online at the original location?


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Hi Erik, I would recommend opening a support ticket for this issue. I believe that it should be powering that VM on at the remote site. If it is not we should file a bug to get that resolved, which support can do.

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From NOS 4.0.3 and 4.1.1 there is a change of behaviour wherein, for DR workflows and PD operations the VMs will not be automatically powered on.

This was basically done because in a dvSwitch configurations, If you have a protection domain / remote site that contains VM's which are on a distributed switch and perform a migration the VM powers on properly but has no network connectivity. This is due to a vmware limitation with "static" port binding on the port group.The error that gets thrown when you try to reconnect the NIC is:Invalid configuration for device '0'.
Hence the change.