How do virtual machines on AHV migrate to vmware?

  • 5 December 2018
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How do virtual machines on AHV migrate to vmware?

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3 replies

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Please feel free to tell us a bit about your environment.
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I have found other replies that can help you just inside of this forum
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Honestly you just need to install VMTools so the appropriate drivers are there for storage and networking. The service will fail to start, but you can install it. We move across hypervisors all the time and have no issues. If you have no intention of moving back to AHV then uninstall Nutanix Guest Tools as the virtio drivers aren't useful. You'll likely have to reconfigure the NIC, so make sure that you have the ability to login as a local user/admin as well as the IP information. If the NIC is hidden and you get an error stating another network interface has the IP, then go into device manager and make sure hidden devices are visible and uninstall the virtio NIC.

That should get you going on VMWare.