Guided Script for sysprep on clones or template-based deployments customization

  • 7 October 2022
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New to AHV, just installed this week.  I have using VMware since version 2.5.


Trying to deploy AHV Windows VMs from template and from AHV VMs.  On both methods I get guest customization options using sysprep.  I have been choosing “Guided Script” and filling out the fields for User Name, Password, Local, and Host Name.  I leave the license key blank becasue we have enterpise licesing which is assigned when teh VM is joined to the domain.


So far, evertime I have tried the host name does not get updated to match the Host Name I entered for the guided script.  Also, in VMware guest customization you put what you want the password to be after sysprep.  Fr this one is it asking for the current Administrator User/Password, or one to be updated or created by sysprep?


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