Guest VM Consume Internet Bandwith

  • 26 November 2019
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Hi All,


One of my customer doing POC Nutanix right now. They create VM with application that use for Exam Online. So they set Public IP on that VM where their student can access for Exam from outside. Suddenly for 2 days the VM active, they found on their router that VM consume almost 500 Mbps internet bandwith usage. They already have that application on non-Nutanix server and not find any issue related.


Is there any application or service or something on Nutanix platform consume internet bandwith that we don’t know?

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2 replies

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Hi @Hendra 

You can check the virtual machine network usage from Prism > VM table view > Select VM name > scroll down and click on > VM Nics.

here you can see RX and TX values which can help you understand your vm network traffic.

Have they assigned the public IP directly to the VM with a One to one NAT mapping ? as sometimes checking on the router it may be showing the traffic for that interface or for that public ip which may be in a NAT pool to NAT internal addresses - hence a collective number.


there may be some network activity on the VM which may have spiked it’s network usage, for e.g. software update etc.

If it’s a windows virtual machine, you can use task manager to check Network traffic on a nic as well.

Nutanix AOS won’t interfere with what’s running on the VM

Hope this helps

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Hi @Mutahir 

They assigned the public IP directly to Guest VM with one to one NAT mapping.

I will inform user from your suggestion.