• 5 August 2018
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Can we Testing or Demo of Flow on Community Edition

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Did you see any feedback, I have the same question...
+1 for this request.
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Prasad and Andrew,

Flow should work on the latest version of Community Edition. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Prism Central, AOS, and AHV >= 5.6 (I recommend at least 5.10 to take advantage of the latest features)
  2. Prism Central running on AHV cluster
  3. AHV cluster registered to Prism Central
  4. One additional GB of RAM for the Prism Central VM
  5. One free GB of RAM for each AHV host in the clusters registered to Prism Central
Once these requirements are met, you can walk through the One-Click workflow to enable Flow in Prism Central. Click on the ? menu and you'll see a "New In Prism Central" section where Flow, or microsegmentation, can be enabled.