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  • 6 November 2020
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We have the following senario at one of our customers

In the core there are 4 VSP8400 connected in a square. Two of the devices are in a Geo Redundant Datacenter.
Between the links is an Extreme L2 SPBm fabric.
Between the data centers the connections run over active DWDM devices.

A measurement showed that if I deactivate a DC connection in the core, it takes about 400ms until the opposite interface reacts over the DWDM connection and also goes down.
In the 400ms, however, traffic will still run over the link to nothing.

Now my question:
Do you see a problem on the Nutanix side if the switching time is 400ms or are there possibilities to adjust the sensitivity (buffer) of the Nutanix Datastore synchronization to the circumstances?


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hi @ag 

Here the DR guide which has a minimum requirement of latency


So may I know you talking about Async DR, Near Sync, or Metro Availability?