Download OVA via SCP/SFTP from Prism Central

  • 15 September 2023
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I have seen other posts similar to this subject, yet could not find a way to get the OVA files to be downloaded to a NAS solution  ?

Since from the GUI for the admin the maximum idle timeout is 1 hour, and I have about 5 TB total , can we get them with via filezilla / winscp (any one knows the path of the OVA files) , hopping will not disconnect after some time 😂, a none admin user will not see the OVA tab.

I hope this is not the only way


Please ignore disk transformation via Nutanix or other backup software(s).


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2 replies

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Thank you @JoseNutanix will try it .

Apologies for the late response. 

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Not what you are looking for, but I’d give it a try using the REST API Explorer. You’ll find an endpoint called ovas. Look for Get OVA Contents. Provide the UUID for the OVA. Once the call is executed, you’ll be given a link to download the file.