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  • 31 January 2024
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I have configured a 3 node nutanix cluster with an active active lacp configuration. We have 2 more ports on the node which we wanted to use for dmz. However the prism element gui configuration fails continuously. I tried removing the 2 ports from the br0 bridge and add to br1 bridge. Doing so is only supported in one node, on the other nodes it is not reflected. Kindly suggest the right method or commands to configure since none of them seem to work.


Also whether is there a separate vs switch configuration is needed for the scenario?


Ps: I don't have flow or prism central. And since it is in deployment state, license activation is also not done

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2 replies

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As you have unused interfaces you first need to remove these interfaces from virtual switch (vs0). Then you can create a new virtual switch with the unused interfaces. After that, create a network so you can assign that network to virtual machines. (Dont foget to connect te interfaces to the correct vlans, switch ports etc)


In prism element go to settings —> network configuration—> virtual switch (here you can change the current virtual switch and create a new one)

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Tried, but the GUI configurations isn’t working properly. Tried with CLI, but however unable to configure the vs0 switch with manage_ovs commands. It throws error saying, the br0 belongs to virtual switch vs0.