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  • 16 July 2023
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they can help me, I have a PD and I deleted the local snapshots and schedules, but I still see the amount in "Snapshot Exclusive Usage", it takes almost 30 hours that everything was deleted and I see no way to reduce the PD.


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3 replies

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The garbage collection is part of curator process, it runs every 6 hours and marks the data for deletion, and subsequent schedule the data will be deleted, sometimes it takes longer than expected as this process is low priority job.

Can u check if Recycle Bin is enabled, that will hold the deleted data for 24 hours.

In case if the data is not reclaimed after 36 hours, open support ticket to investigate why the data is on hold. 


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Hello @Kike2020 

Please check Recycle Bin Limitations and Considerations:

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Hi Team,

Thank you very much for your support, just a few hours later the debugging was done and the Data Protection has been empty. I confirm that it was only a matter of time and nothing was implemented or done.