Degraded Node Detection

  • 30 March 2024
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Hi All,


Refer Degraded Node Detection should be enable. But it could allow disable in Prism.


May we know when or why should disable Degraded Node Detection?


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If we look at the feature itself, it gets triggers when a node can be in a partially-available state due to :

  • Significant network bandwidth reduction. For example, a 10GE interface operates at a lower speed.
  • Network packet drops
  • CPU soft lockups
  • Partially bad disks or SATADOM
  • Hardware issues (such as unreliable DIMM with ECC errors)

so it is better to have the option enabled unless you have some issues (like network problem which you are aware of it)in your environment which you know the source is not Nutanix and you might want to disable this option (which I do not recommend).