Connectivity Issues Overlay subnet

  • 25 March 2024
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In my lab cluster, I first activated Microservices. Then, I created a VPC followed by setting up an Overlay subnet. Finally, I attached my VMs for internal communication. However,: the VMs aren't acquiring IP addresses on the subnet configured within the Overlay subnet. Even after manually configuring the IP addressing, there is no communication between the VMs.


Version - STARTER License
NCC Version:
LCM Version: 2.7.1


Version pc.2023.4

NCC Version: 4.6.6
LCM Version: 2.7.1

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2 replies

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It sounds like you might be missing one of the required open ports between the Prism Central and the AHV hosts. I believe this is either 6652 or 6653. You can check the ports and protocols page to make sure all of this communication is allowed.


I should also note that Flow Virtual Networking is available in the NCI Ultimate or NCI Pro licensing tiers, but this behavior you are seeing does not seem related to licensing.

I believe it's a licensing issue.