Cloud Connect AWS is failed.

  • 30 November 2020
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Hi, I am always taken care.


I use CloudConnect by VPN connection to AWS and enable NW compression.
Everyday repeat that.
Since 1 year ago, All PDs are failed. below the message on Prism ;

Replication was skipped for protection domain XXXX of snapshot (X,X,X) to remote site XXX. Replication was skipped as a newer snapshot was available.


I executed cli on CVM, replication statuses are “Sending” .


$ncli pd list-replication-status

 Replication Operation     : Sending


And I did “Test Connection” on Prism was “OK”.


What do you think this reason?




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Hi @Sayo 

This alert is triggered when there is a newer snapshot present on the cluster than the one that is used to replicate the current PD. This alert that gets generated while replication is in progress is a valid condition and will hold true when the replication is slow.
If replication becomes slow and the subsequent newer snapshots are available this alert is generated.  KB-4282

I guess in this case if the snapshot size is bigger or if the network bandwidth is slow during that time then there are chances existing replication gets slow and in the meantime, a newer snapshot is generated. If this is happening frequently then you can either increase the network bandwidth or increase the time duration between two snapshots.


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Skipped replication means we had a 3rd  snapshot to replicate before the 1st snapshot replication finished. In this case we will skip the 2nd one and directly go to replicate the 3rd one  


There will be no data loss but you will not have snapshot 2 on the remote site 

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@Neel Kotak  @Paul Ilavarasu 

Thank you so much for your reply.

I understood to specification of AsyncDR.