Change Nutanix AHV NIC From access Mode to Trunked Mode

  • 3 May 2023
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Trunked Mode allows multiple VLANs on a single NIC for VMs that are VLAN aware.

by default, NIC cards are in access mode.

mode can't be changed from the UI (Prism) and the solution is to update from CVM acli

you can also covert exiting NIC card to Trunked Mode however based on my experience best and easy way is to add a new card


  1. SSH CVM
  2. acli
  3. <acropolis> vm.get VMNAME
  4. copy information in notepad
  5. nutanix@CVM~$ acli vm.nic_create <vm name> network=<network name> trunked_networks=<comma separated list of allowed VLAN IDs> vlan_mode=kTrunked


vm.nic_create VT-LAB-1 network=NETWORK0 trunked_networks=2021,2022 vlan_mode=kTrunked

WHY Trunked is Required

Above Setting is required when the virtual machine needs to create multiple networks on a single interface. in my case it's WAF devices that are configured for multiple VLANs, each VLAN is associated with a different kind of application

if you want to add more VLANs run the below

vm.nic_update TT-WAF-01 00:68:8d:04:bf:4d network=NETWORK2108 trunked_networks=2120,2022,2059,2089 vlan_mode=kTrunked update_vlan_trunk_info=true



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