Can we define a kind of "VM class" in a Nutanix cluster?

  • 23 August 2023
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I would like to know if there is a way to define a kind of "VM class" in a Nutanix cluster, similar to what I can do with VMware's resource pool. The objective is to limit excessive CPU and IOPS usage. My goal is to have CPU classes like 'bronze, silver, gold' and the same for storage.

If you have any information, I'd like to hear from you.

Thanks in advance

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3 replies

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Hi Nicolas,

AFAIK there is no option to set VM class, however you can look at Project context through Prism Central where you can restrict resources vCPU, Memory, Storage, or QoS to control IOPS of VM. 

Prism Central allows categories which can be used to dynamically assign policies for the context.


Thanks for the information.

Indeed, my goal is to offer users a dev environment but with restrictions in terms of consumption. The aim is to be able to define a budget in relation to a predefined environment. I'd like to be able to control cpu ram and storage usage to define consumption limits that developers won't be able to exceed. This will avoid penalizing other environments within the cluster.



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I would recommend look at Projects and Storage policies to control the development, currently CPU is by vCPU, RAM and Disk size can be managed as well as using storage policies you can restrict IOPS/disk throughput.

These are available through Prism Central.