Best practices for VMware vSphere HA

  • 10 October 2014
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The following tables show the recommended configuration of VMware High Availability.

Admission Control

The below table shows the percentage values required for N+1 through N+4 availability for vSphere clusters of up to 32 (The Current maximum cluster size for vSphere 5.5).
The green highlighted values represent recommended values based on the level of availability.

In Summary the recommendations are:
  • Cluster of =N+1 redundancy
  • Cluster of >8 & =N+2 redundancy
  • Cluster of >16 & =N+3 redundancy
  • Cluster of >24 & =N+4 redundancy

Host Isolation Response and Advanced Settings

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2 replies

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What about the rest of the settings?   And this post is from a VMware guru… not good….  who QAs this guy?  

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That information provided by the OP are the non-default settings.  If the setting is not listed, then you can leave it as default or set it to your customer preference.