Ansible - missing arguments

  • 24 March 2023
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 I have the same issue described in
This post have 10 replies but I can’t see them.

To test,  I have written values of nutanix_host, nutanix_password, nutanix_username are directly in dem playbook. No way.


What is the solution ?

thanx a lot

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4 replies

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It shows 0 comments for me. 

Have a look to this file to see where those values can be included.

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I configured demo playbook with nutanix_host, nutanix_password and nutanix_username parameters

It always gives error : missing required arguments: nutanix_host, nutanix_password, nutanix_username


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The steps describe in the blog post work. Not sure where the mistake is, but make sure you have the right structure for the folders and file names describe in the post.

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You are right. Thank you