Ansible issue - Upgraded to pc2004.1 and ntnx_categories_info returns 401

  • 30 May 2024
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My team have just upgraded our lab to pc2004.1 and my Ansible role to retrieve category information has stopped working…  It now returns:

ok: [localhost] => 
changed: false
error: 'HTTP Error 401: UNAUTHORIZED'
failed: true
msg: 'Failed fetching URL: https://gbh-pcs-l01.fqdn:9440/api/nutanix/v3/categories/list'
response: null
status_code: 401

the play used is as simple as it gets:

- name: test getting all categories
nutanix_host: "{{ prism_url }}"
nutanix_username: "{{ prism_user }}"
nutanix_password: "{{ prism_password }}"
validate_certs: false
register: result
ignore_errors: true
- debug:
var: result

it worked on our old version, and my equivalent ‘get_subnet_info’ and ‘get_vm_info’  still work fine, so I’m leaning towards a change in permissions for Categories in pc2004.1?

The team has tried randomly applying permissions to the account used without luck.  Any thoughts gratefully received! 

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Never mind! It does work.

User account formatting issues!  The difference between domain\user (works with esxi) and user@domain (works with PC) - the dangers of moving between systems!