• 8 December 2021
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Is there a way to implement FT at the VM level (i.e. similar to how it’s done on ESXi) on AHV. I’ve seen a couple of different posts that point to preferred technologies like software HA and AGG (not that I know what/how to do this) but we currently have the requirement for a legacy type VM to be always available and the only method we can do that at the moment \is having ESX as the hypervisor. This is for a future project, so am not locked into current versions. Cheers. Paul

3 replies

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You have to implement Data Protection. More info on the specific modes:

Thanks Jeroen, If I’ve read those correctly, it still appears there is a dependency on ESXi if we want <10 seconds failover time. Cheers, Paul

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With metro availability you can get an rpo of zero. So failover wil be instant.

more info over rpo/rto and the methods here: