AHV VM CPU Usage consumes higher % than ESXi?

  • 12 September 2017
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My customer reported that in their test, the CPU Usage of AHV VM always consumes 10% higher than ESXi so I am going to find out what is the most suitable reason behind this problem
I have searched around and find out this blog below that having a paragraph pointing about hypervisor bottleneck:

"The Nutanix Controller VM (CVM) runs on top of multiple hypervisors and delivers excellent performance, but there is always room for improvement. With our extensive experience with in-kernel and virtual machine based storage solutions, we quickly learned that the biggest bottleneck is the hypervisor itself."


Is this AHV hypervisor bottleneck or ESXi problem?

On the other hand, I have tested by myself on the scenario in which I have built up 2 VMs with the same configuration on 2 clusters having same Nutanix model and run the CPU test benchmark, the CPU performance of 2 VMs are almost the same except for a case when 100% of CPU usage is consumed, the AHV CPU has a little bit higher in performance. This test led me to an other result almost difference with the above link pointed out.

Besides, the CPU usage of both ones always consume the same with each other (In 3 test with 2 cores, 4 cores and 6 cores with 6-Core VM config)

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3 replies

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Hi hienle
Can you please let me know the AOS version you are using?

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Hello Hienle,

Please open a support case with us so we can investigate further.

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The ESXi cluster is running with AOS version and AHVs is 5.0.3

Opening case will be my last effort, I think.