AHV - Hypervisor installation is failing with the following error and terminating! (please see enclosed)

  • 17 June 2024
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Please let me know what I am missing, I have tried installing inside vmWare ESXI 8.0 or bare metal Dell powerEdge 110 II server, both attempts are failing, multiple tried, 

I am using USB bootable drive, and following installer:

 Many Thanks!


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4 replies

Adding more info:

It goes through the first part of the installation and configure IP/CVM IP/Subnet/D/G etc. and accepted the EULA, but it fails after that at some point when finishing the installation! with the above error, 


Appreciate any feedback here!

Many Thanks


I'm also having the same problem with this installer.

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Do you have a screenshot of the complete error? 

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It looks like you are deploying it Nested in a ESXi host, right?

can you tell us the specs you gave to the VM?
vCPU, Memory, Disks, nics, etc?

also, did you selected the CPU passthrough check to be able to manage virtualization in the vm?

are you followinf any online guite to deploy the CE?

here @JeroenTielen has a wonderful guide on his blog, 😉


Follow his guide and tell us your results.