AHV 100GB Networking Support

  • 28 September 2023
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We got a couple of servers with 2 x Dual Port 100GB Ethernet Adapters and 1 x Dual Port 10/25GB Ethernet Adapter, I need some clarity if AHV supports uplink speeds of 100GB. From the documentation I’ve been reading on the support portal, it mentions that AHV cluster networking only supports 10, 25 and 40GB ( Does this mean that those speeds are only for AHV / AOS and a separate bridge can be created with the 100GB uplinks for the virtual machine traffic?

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3 replies

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No, can use 100Gbps. See:


If your system uses 25, 40, or 100 GbE interfaces, use the actual speed of the interfaces instead of 10 GbE.

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The solutions documents are likely just in need of an update, since 100GbE links were not common (or available) when we first wrote the Linux on AHV Best Practice Guide.

Thanks @JeroenTielen and @bbbburns, the deployment went through successfully with the 100GB adapters and ports 😀