AD User unable to access VM console on Prism Central

  • 19 April 2023
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AD user is having trouble accessing the VM console on Prism Central. They can log on normally to Prism Central. After clicking the VM, only a blank page with the name of the VM appears instead of the console. There is no "FAIL" status after the health check that I ran. Additionally, I verified that RBAC allows users to access the VM console.

After PC was updated to version pc.2022.6.0.3 with LMC 2.5.x, PE software was upgraded on AOS, and AHV 20220304.342, and this problem appeared. Is there a chance that this problem can be resolved?

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2 replies

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Is the console screen not in sleep? When the black screen appears just press any button to wake up the console screen. Or is there a vGPU connected to the virtual machine? 


User’s view exactly blank even I’ve been waiting for a few minutes. Besides, close button is not functioning and I also tried to open other VM using dropdown list but it is no effective.

Normal User’s view

However, the console is appeared on admin’s view.

Admin’s view

I also checked on RBAC to make sure user access console is allowed.