AD domain controller disaster recovery question

  • 1 December 2020
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Just curious how other users running AHV plan their ad disaster recovery?  AHV does not support VM-Generation ID so it looks like the most straight forward method not including additional software would be to use the builtin server backup to backup and restore at least the server with the fsmo role.  I wonder what happens in a protection domain scenario especially if there are multiple servers.  Seems like there could be usn rollbacks issues.  Any input on how others are doing it would be appreciated since the documentation seems to be scarce for AHV.


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Hi MrMike,

Disaster recovery and backups have different purposes and are complimentary. Backups with AD would allow restoring a particular piece of data, maybe a user record or permissions.

DR would focus on recovering the server as a whole in the last known working state. For that, from my experience, AD replication allows sustaining a DR event. Two servers alive at both sites, one being a master and a failover of the roles in the even of the DR.