3rd Party Hypervisors - New Version Support policy

  • 23 October 2019
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Nutanix offers compatibility with all major hypervisors (Hyper-V, ESXi, XEN) to be able to host virtual machines on it and leverage the benefits of a truly distributed scale out storage fabric.

Nutanix qualifies all releases of 3rd Party hypervisors in order to ensure smooth operations for customers using the respective hypervisors.

From the Nutanix Support FAQs:

For hypervisor releases:

  • For Major/Minor hypervisor releases (eg ESXi 6.5, Windows Server 2016 Build 14393) the goal is to qualify within 90 days of the software GA release date.
  • Nutanix may qualify the latest hypervisor Major/Minor release in conjunction with the latest (or upcoming) AOS release first.
  • Nutanix advises customers to wait until any Major/Minor release is qualified by Nutanix prior to deployment.

Please make sure to visit the following link in order to read more on timelines and support policy for 3rd Party hypervisors : 


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