Nutanix Era Release

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Nutanix Era Release

Nutanix Era enables you to provision complex database environments in a single click, incorporating your standard configurations with Nutanix best practices.

Nutanix Era Version: is out and available for download.

Era is a database as a service (DBaaS) that automates and simplifies database administration, bringing one-click simplicity and invisible operations to database provisioning and life-cycle management.

The following are the resolved issues in this release.

  • Era Server: Resolved the issue wherein a replicated protection domain gets deleted when multiple databases are sharing the same protection domain. Resolved the Era Server IP issue that occurs when in spite of changing the IP address, Era still uses the old IP address to connect to a database server VM.
  • Oracle: Era now supports Oracle databases having storage with nested mount points.
  • SQL Server: Resolved the database server VM provisioning issue that occurs when special characters are used in the VM administrator password.
  • PostgreSQL: Resolved the Postgres HA patching issue wherein one or more nodes are excluded from automatic failover.

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