Did Nutanix API authentication use NTLM v1?

  • 9 April 2024
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Currently, I found a problem when using Prometheus to monitor Nutanix Objects according to https://prism IP:9440/oss/api/nutanix/metrics. This works fine for a long time.

But when our AD team disable NTLM v1 in domain controller, problem happened, Prometheus could not work as before to get the data from API.

Current Prometheus config is like below:

- job_name: 'object_exporter_bucketname’ 

  metrics_path: /oss/api/nutanix/metrics/[object store name]/[bucket name]

  scheme: https 

  scrape_interval: 90s 


  - targets: [https://Prism Central IP:9440] 


     insecure_skip_verify: true 


     username: [Prism Central service account] 

     password: [Password of service account] 


Anyone know if NTLM v1 is used during API authentication?

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Hi @LinKan , from our side NTLMv1 was also disabled and we don’t have any issues with API calls.

Best thing to do to investigate is to make a wireshark record of your API calls and then filter the result ?