Nutanix CSI volume driver.RWX support

  • 3 January 2024
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I need to manage the default ownership/permissions of a mountpoint created by a PVC with ReadWriteMany (RWX) on Red Hat Openshift 4.13, currently not supported by Nutanix CSI volume driver.

According to Red Hat, using the current setting of fsGroupPolicy: ReadWriteOnceWithFSType results in the fsGroup only to be respected by the driver if the volume's access mode contains ReadWriteOnce (RWO).
According to this link, after changing the fsGroupPolicy parameter to value ‘File’, Kubernetes may use fsGroup to change permissions and ownership of the volume to match user requested fsGroup in the pod's SecurityPolicy regardless of fstype or access mode.

Does anyone knows how to approach this?

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Hi Michel,

This isn’t supported at this time. Thank you for opening the GitHub request for us to track.