NCC Checks - Volume Groups

  • 10 July 2019
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Hi all

When doing NCC checks, I get a report(example1) that some volume groups usage is high (95%).

Detailed information for vg_space_usage_check:
Node 10.x.x.x:
FAIL: Volume Group pvc-xxxxxx-9xxx-11x9-bf59-xxxxx8d87c391 space usage (95 😵 above 90 %
The volume group is mounted to Kubernetes pod running in a Karbon cluster.
My issue is that, when checking usage of the volume group from within the kubernetes pod, I get different usage results, current stats are 24% used, 76% free.

The NCC check and the manual check results don't match.

NOTE: There is a clean-up mechanism, so disk usage does go up and down.

I have re-ran the ncc checks several times, they yield the same stats (95% usage), thou the usage from the pod is 24%(currently).

Can you please elaborate on how the NCC vg_space_usage_check work?
And what else to look at to further investigate the mismatch of stats.


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5 replies

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Hi KeoNanne

I am pretty sure we aren't able to tell that your reclaiming space but give me some time to verify.
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looks like we don't have trim on for the karbon vms. I will file a ticket.
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Thanks dlink7
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looks like we don't have trim on for the karbon vms. I will file a ticket.
How would I follow the progression of the ticket?
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It's a internal engineering ticket so you won't be able to. I would follow up with your account team. You could open a support ticket I guess.