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  • 27 October 2021
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I understand that the Nutanix Karbon License is free to use.

I have an AOS Pro License, but the OS image cannot be downloaded 

because of the error below.

Please guide me on how to solve it.

Thank you.


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5 replies

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This issue is not related to license.

  • Make sure you update Karbon to the latest version available via LCM. 
  • Make sure you have internet connectivity


Our LCM is the latest version and we do not use it in the Internet network, but in a closed network.
Then, please guide me if there is a URL or site where I can download something like a carbon iso file. 

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Hi Yongju,

Please refer to our Karbon documentation for airgap (dark site) deployments. 


If you check the carbon setting document on the Nutanix homepage, it is as follows. 


There is a WEB server ( and prism central ( that allow you to download carbon files by following the above method. When entering the command in Prism central CLI, it was successfully confirmed, but when checking in Prism central WEB, it is confirmed as tasks fail.

Please tell me another way after confirmation ASAP


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Please open a support case and share with them the steps that you followed as well as what’s the error message if you click in “Failed” in the task.