Karbon: Customize kube-let reserved memory

  • 2 November 2021
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Karbon always allocates 400MB for kube-let and other node resources. However, this is not always enough and kube-let can run out-of-memory when system is under load.

When kube-let runs out of memory then we get pods stranded in “Terminating” state and we have to reboot the node. What I did expect was the kube-let terminated pods that got out-of-memory and that kube-let would not run out of memory.

Typical 1-1.4MB are reserved at nodes with 16GB memory in other Kubernetes clusters (EKS/AKS/GKE/...)

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Currently we have added extra nodes and hope that we will not get out-of-memory on any nodes. However, that is not what Kubernetes is designed.


Any work-a-round for adjusting the 400MB fixed size reservation?


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Hello @eriklund 

For the moment there is no official supported way to modify this settings, but there is improvements already targeted in the roadmap to mitigate resource reservation problem. In the meantime please open a support ticket to track your problem precisely. Stay tuned and thanks for your support.