CSI Driver for Kubernetes

  • 27 September 2018
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We have a new blog post that recently went live: Nutanix Releases New Kubernetes CSI–Based Driver

CSI is an open and independent interface specification that describes or specifies how third-party storage providers can provide storage operations for Container orchestration systems. CSI makes installing new volume plugins as easy as deploying a pod, and enables third-party storage providers to develop their plugins without needing to add code to the core Kubernetes code base.

The CSI Driver for Kubernetes leverages Nutanix Volumes (formerly known as ABS) to provide scalable and persistent storage for stateful applications.

It was authored by a great team of folks Subodh Mathur (Engineering), Denis Guyadeen (PM), Dwayne Lessner (TME) and Christophe Jauffret (Architect)

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