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  • 14 October 2021
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Hi, I have performed tests of the plugin for integration between Volume Groups in a Nutanix cluster with Dockers containers ( and (


While reading the Docker Volume Plugin documentation at (, I did not notice if such a plugin works with Docker containers in swarm mode (Docker swarm cluster).


I performed some tests with Ubuntu 20.04, forming a Docker swarm cluster with 03 nodes, all VMs with Nutanix Guest Tools installed.  All the tests using .yml files for the creation of stacks and services, as for the volumes the tests were made both with the command to create the volumes, as well as in the .yml files. I noticed that the volumes are created normally in the Swarm cluster as well as in the Nutanix cluster, but the Docker containers don't start because they can't use the volumes created. I noticed that the volumes are created on all nodes in the swarm cluster and even though I create stacks with 01 service replica per node or only 01 replica in the swarm cluster on a random node, the container still can't use the volume because it can't initialize.



When I encountered this problem, I found the following link ( that reports the use of DVP in a swarm cluster, stating that you should check an option in the configuration of the volume group in the Nutanix cluster, however I did not find the option informed in the link, the closest I found was the option "Enable External Client Access" and in the tests I did with this option enabled, even so the containers in the swarm cluster cannot initialize due to the error in the use of the volume group.


When I read the plugin's page (, I also noticed that in the Releases section, in version 1.4, it is mentioned the fix of a problem involving a bug with docker swarm, which led me to think that DVP works with Docker swarm cluster.


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Hi Moises,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The plugin should work with Docker Swarm (checked internally). I would suggest you open a case and please make sure to include the DVP logs as well as a an explanation to the steps you followed with the tests performed.