ARC Kubernetes Cluster, NKE and Azure Defender for containers.

  • 23 June 2023
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We have setup an NKE with Rancher as the Container Management and Orchestration. We have also enabled ARC Kubernetes in Azure and enabled the communication between Azure and On Prem Nutanix. 

We have a strict requirement for security and require Azure Defender for Containers to scan the clusters. The Defender has identified some recommendations on the Nutanix Kubernetes as medium to high in terms of security configurations.

Is there any documentation on which recommendations to suppress due to the nature of NKE vs actual recommendations? We have a "clean install" (but for rancher and ARC) and the recommendations are related to nutanix pods.

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1 reply

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This is what NKE is tested against. Not familiar with Defender and if it is more conservative than CIS.