Access Karbon Volumes from outside k8s cluster

  • 26 September 2019
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Good day

I have a few questions regarding PVs on Karbon Clusters.

  • Is there a way to access Persistent Volumes created by Kubernetes besides getting to it from within the pod the volume is mounted?
  • If the PV has status Released, can I still be able to access it without having to bind it again?

Basically, I want to know if the data on Karbon PVs can be accessed via ssh, or something else other than K8s pods. If backups are saved on a PV, can I access the data from another VM besides the cluster worker nodes?


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Hello @KeoNaane ,

PVC in Karbon can be backed by 2 types of medium:
* Nutanix Volumes (block-based iSCSI volume groups) with either ext4 or xfs filesystem.
* Nutanix Files (file-based NFS shares)

As such, you can always present the VG, or mount the share, from a different environment, such as another VM on your Nutanix cluster.

If you are using Volumes (the default storage class on a Nutanix Karbon deployed Kubernetes cluster), then make absolutely sure no other VMs or Pod has mounted or is using the VG before you expose it to another VM. Also, make sure you use an OS that can actually read ext4 or xfs. Most Linux distributions can do that. Windows VMs cannot without 3rd party software.

Best regards,
Sylvain Huguet.