.snapshot folder on Nutanix Files share

  • 10 December 2019
  • 2 replies

There is a .snapshot folder in the root of each of our Nutanix Files shares.  We think it is created by Files Analytics.  Can anybody confirm that and explain how it works?  We think some data may have been accidentally deleted from the folder so we want to make sure nothing has been damaged...

2 replies

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From what I’ve been told by support the .snapshot folders are where the “Previous Versions” are kept for that share… deleting ‘em is not good… and could result in data loss (of those previous versions.)


We had to exclude them during robocopy tasks when using the /MIR switch… 

/XD \\FILESSERVER\Share\.snapshot

Thanks David - interestingly we were able to browse previous versions even though we could only see a folder with “Analytics” in its name within .snapshot (hence why I had assumed it was only for Files Analytics, which we have recently installed...).  What do you see in the .snapshot folder?  Lots of other folders, each representing a Files snapshot?