Files Using Rest API for Provisioning Tasks NFS

  • 26 February 2020
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Hi there,

i’m trying to get an overview about using Rest API for Provisioning of nfs Ressources.

Are there any examples for typical tasks (f.e. add/delete  nfs share)? I can’t find any so far…..

Thanks a lot for every helpful comment! :-)




2 replies

Hi @HITESH0801 ,

thanks for your Reply!

the document you mentioned helps me getting Information f.e. about existing Shares ….

We are working on automating the whole process, starting with creating the Client System, creating the Shares on the File Server and mounting them on the Client.

I’m looking for Information about API Calls (the commands) for creating the Ressources on the File Server.

Any more ideas?

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Hello @DanielTo  

The following document might help you regarding API related to Nutanix Files