File server spec validation failed, unknown error - While Setting Up Files on Nutanix CE

  • 31 January 2020
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Hi all :)

i want to Setup a small Files on my nested (esxi) CE Enviorment for testing and Demo purposes.


I am able to install the Base Packages by modifing the json Metadata.


AFS Version tried so far: 2.2.4, 3.6.1,

AOS Version: 2019.02.11


Installation works without Problems.

But when i want to Setup the Server i get the following Error after completing the last Step in the Setup:

File server spec validation failed, unknown error


I allready give 12GB more RAM per Node to 60 GB/Node. And i checked all Netwoks, IPs, DCs, NTP-Servers and Gateways.

Besides the CVMs with 24 GB there is only one Windows VM running with 4GB RAM.

Has someone an Idea what this can be?

Thanks :)

2 replies

Hi Jubran,


thanks for the Info. When i understand you right, then you need this when the Hypervisor is ESXI.

In my Szenario i install the CE nested on a ESXI. In the Nutanix Cluster itself i use AHV. 

Will his fix den work also in my Szenario?

Thanks :)

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Hi Florian, 

Please ssh to a CVM to obtain the IP address of the uhura leader CVM:

links http://localhost:2037 --dump | grep -i "Uhura Master"

SSH to the IP address received from the command above and check the “data/logs/uhura.out” file, search for the timestamp of the error and look for this message: 

“Unexpected error happened: vCenter connection could not be established”

This occurs when vCenter connection could not be established by Nutanix Files if the hypervisor is ESXi.     

If this is the issue, then run:

genesis stop uhura ; cluster start

If the issue was not solved after this, consider contacting Nutanix support and we will check the logs to understand the root cause.