Would PD snapshots work fine if remote site cluster's IP addresses are reconfigured

  • 16 November 2017
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Hi All,

(Async DR, Nutanix-to-Nutanix)

One of our customer are moving their DRC site to a new location, which will require IP addresses reconfiguration (to a totally different set of IPs) to their DRC Nutanix cluster. As there are already current PD snapshots in the DRC cluster (~5TB disk space), they wouldn't want to lost them upon IP addresses reconfiguration/DRC relocation.

Kindly advise for any risk; and if there are risks to current PD snapshots' availability/reliability, kindly advise for any workaround.

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2 replies

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Please follow the cluster re-configuration procedure or get SRE onboard to make sure cluster reconfigured and up without any issues. you need to configure the remote cluster again as the target cluster IP is going to be changed.
As you are not destroying cluster all the snapshots and data will be intact.

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Hi farhanparkar,

This is acknowledged at our end, will perform the necessary.

Thanks for the advised provided. Cheers 🙂