VMware thin disk backup takes full disk backup.

  • 30 June 2020
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Vmware thin disk backup takes full disk backup. VM backup size is entire disk allocated space. The backup is taken from IBM Spectrum Protect. Is this a known issue.

Hypervisor: Vmware

HW: Nutanix

Any idea/suggestion ?

3 replies

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Hey @Adamaromus . Can you let me know if the VM Disk is showing as thick provisioned on the Vmware end?

I mean go to vSphere Client > Click on VM > Edit Settings > Expand Hard disks > identify if they are thick or thin provisioned.


HI @AnishWalia20 .

Thanks for getting back.

On vm level it shows as thin. This was noticed when backup was taken. Like if the disk is 100GB & has 20GB data, the backup summary will show that 100GB was processed.

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Hey, @Adamaromus Glad, I can help.

So we need more info on the backup solution. for eg:

  1. What is the mode of backup done by solution, for eg: is it hot-add, NBD.
  2. Is the VM scheduled for incremental backup or full-backup
  3. What is the schedule for the backup?
  4. How much data is reflected at the backup side when the VM is backed up, is it full or incremental