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  • 6 July 2018
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Does anyone know if/how I can get a count of all vDisks in my cluster, including vDisks associated with snapshots?

We want to increase our data retention and it appears the limitation on snapshots is the number of vDisks so I need to figure out how many we have with our current number of VMs and snapshots.

Running AOS 5.6, NCC 3.5.2, Hyper-V 2012r2.

Any help appreciated, please let me know if there's more info I can provide.

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Hi @davidvoogd,
Can you share a screenshot or the alert information from which you were informed about the limitation on the vdisk - an NCC alert / Prism health alert etc?

To determine the vdisk count on the system,
$ vdisk_config_printer > vcp.txt

$ cat vcp.txt | grep -w vdisk_id | wc -l

$ cat abc.txt | grep shell | wc -l

AOS 5.6 has a good upper threshold which should be able to handle most, if not all type of the load (in terms of vdisk count). I don't remember the threshold though.

Further if you see an anomaly or need further help and has a Support contract, I would suggest you have a support ticket filed for a swift resolution.

Hope that helps!

Pradeep Mathew.
Hello Pradeep,
Thank you for your reply. There is no error or alert in Prism, I am just preparing to increase our snapshot retention and wanted to make sure there wasn't going to be an issue.

I had been told the number of snapshots we could retain was limited by the number of vDisks. According to this portal page: our max number of vDisks is 600,000.

Thank you for sharing the commands to determine the vDisks. I was able to run the first two lines successfully. The third however points to a non-existent file (abc.txt). I tried running it against vcp.txt and the count came up zero.

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it!
Via ncli "vdisk ls"