Using NAT Destination on Virtual IP of Cluster for Remote Sites

  • 1 September 2021
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Hi, I just deployed my 2 clusters on separated Data Center. Right now i have no Link between them besides Internet (No VPN). Can i use NAT Destination of IP Public of each Data Center for the target of Remote Sites Configuration?

Data Center A : > NAT Destination to >

Data Center B : > NAT Destination to >

Can we configure like that in order to Remote Sites Configuration to work?

2 replies

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Hello @KarangDika NAT IPs between clusters isn’t currently supported. Please refer to


Refer to the step 6:

Verify there is no NAT to the remote IPs.  Network Address Translation (NAT) performed by any device in between the two Nutanix clusters is not currently supported.


To configure the remote sites, you will need to have remote cluster to be reachable, and ports 2009 and 2020 are open between the clusters.

I hope the above answer helps your case.Please don’t hesitate to contact Nutanix support to know more about requirements for the remote site configuration. 

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Hi @Haritha Andal 

Thank you for your response.

So i really need to have at least VPN Site to Site Configured / Metro-E link / MPLS between my DC then in order to connect “locally” between them?

Thank you. Regards.