RPO for DR Replication in HyperV

  • 13 April 2015
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We are evaluating a Nutanix solution vs a normal 2012R2 HyperV with VNX SAN cluster. As we are a Microsoft shop, we are going with HyperV to reduce licenses. We have an HO and a DR site for Disaster Recovery.

Our normal HyperV design involves having a HyperV cluster in each site with HyperV REPLICA to replicate data to the DR site. We have calculated this to give us an RPO of 30 seconds (HyperV Replica can even go to 5sec RPO) and an RTO of 15mins.

Does Nutanix have any replication methodology that can give us a similar RPO? It looks like the RTO can be reached, but the RPO is at least 5mins and can't go below. Note that we have to use a HyperV engine and not VMWare. If this cannot be done with Nutanix replication, will Nutanix support a HyperV REPLICA between the 2 sites?

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3 replies

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Thanks for the question @schubby :)

@dlink7 @TheDude @DonnieBrasco @cbadami - can you folks provide any insights here?

Thanks guys!
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Yes, Tier1 systems are normally required to have a very low RPO in DR, and this seems to be the biggest show-stopper.
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Does the latest version of NOS now support Metro on HyperV? It seems like it...

The biggest problem is this news came out now. We just made the design using HyperV replica for this purpose, and since, there was no metro, we went for the Standard edition. Now we have to redo the whole design and re-negotiate the costs with the Nutanix partners again to try and show-horn Metro in. Sheesh, back to the drawing board.