Restore Snapshot Remote Site Drive Letter Does Not Get Assigned

  • 23 August 2023
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We have 2 Cluster - Primary cluster we are sending backup cluster for certain VM. 

If We restore snapshot on same cluster - > guest os can easly assign drive letter 

But whichever is near by snapshot which available at Backup Cluster if try to restore on Backup cluster

Drive letter are not getting assign, which impacting DB Services as DB lying in unassigned drives

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Hi @bhavin7array 

Are both the clusters running on same aos and ahv version. I will recommend to engage Nutanix support to further investigate.

There is a KB 14793 published having similar issues while using SSR on UEFI enabled VMs, not sure its the same or related issues through. 

Does your san policy configured as onlineall? had you tried to set using diskpart. or powershell.