Protection Domain VM limit

  • 6 March 2015
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I heard a rumor that for the Protection Domain limit will be 100 machines per Protection domain. Any truth to that rumor?

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6 replies

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Still undecided, so those are rumors.
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Is there a definite and/or recommended limit please?
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Hi ,

"Protection domains can have multiple consistency groups. You can protect a maximum of 50 VMs within any number of consistency groups (up to 50) in a single protection domain"

So we still ahve the limitation of 50 VMs on a particular Protection Domain.
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I have 4.1.5 and confirm it is still limited to 50 for Async DR . The interface has not changed that I can tell though I wish it would.
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Same limit in 4.6.1 and 4.71
But we do run higher 1 PD with dev test machines at 140 without problems.
Would not do it for production
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Do you have the new limit for version 5 ?