Nutanix Time Stream and Veeam

  • 29 January 2015
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Hi there,

I plan to backup our VDI on Nutanix cluster, I see Nutanix Veeam integration.
Anyone who has implemented this ?


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8 replies

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I haven't worked on VEEAM personally but there best practices artices when using Veeam for VMware running on Nutanix.

There is also a whitepaper from Veeam backup for worloads running on Nutanix platform.

Hope it helps !
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Thank for your anwser, nav2163.
I want to know exactly an integation like this in "Customer Slides Software Editions vf.pptx".

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Thanks for asking @WicheinW @wichein

Can you provide any insights here @vDerekS ?
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Yes, you can absolutely use a Nutanix cluster for backing up a VDI environment. What you would do is create one or more Windows VMs that are the Veeam backup repositories on the Nutanix backup cluster. Then when you do backups, the backup data is sent to the repository in the backup Nutanix cluster. There's no trick here.. 😃
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Thank you for your advise,

What is the pro and cons that use this method ?
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We just got our first Nutanix box but we have been long time Veeam customers. The pros and cons question is pretty opened ended but I'll take a crack at a few since we are contemplating some of the same design considerations. (These are only my opinions so take them for what they are worth.)
1) Don't store your backups on the Nutanix storage unless you have a compelling reason. Frankly, the TCO is too high for static storage of backups.
2) Use Windows for the proxy but use Linux for the repository. Linux repositories using NFS perform better than Windows (lower overhead and minimizes license cost). More on this in the Veeam forums.
3) We are strongly considering Nutanix Community Edition for backup repository targets. I just went through the demo and I think we a have a strong use case for utilizing the hardware we just replaced with the Nutanix nodes to build a four node Nutanix CE cluster and get many of the benefits of Nutanix for our backup repositories. Since we use Linux for creating repository targets, they will fit nicely in a KVM hypervisor. I'm really excited about this concept so I can't wait to get CE up and running to do this. I will start a thread on the build process when the time comes. Maybe it will help.

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Hi Jim, just wondering how your experience with Nutanix CE and Veeam panned out? Did you find any issues or reasons why this wouldn't be a good design?

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Ha! Yes, I ran into issues. See Nested Deployment Thread. I couldn't make my HP's or Sun's work with SSD's. I still think the plan is a good one if I can get the correct hardware since it works well with a Linux JBOD server (Open Media Vault) repository. With the new file storage capabilities of Acropolis, it could be even easier (not sure if that is available in CE or if there are limitations). So, that's why I haven't posted since then. I am up to 8 production nodes now so I hope to come back around to this project and get it off the ground.