Nutanix data protection failover failback question

  • 26 April 2023
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Hello Techies,


I am a bit new to Nutanix and in my environment we have bunch of protection domains configured. Some are configured to replicate 1 minute and some are replicating at 1 hour interval. hosts are running VMWare ESXi 7.x versions

The appropriate replication schedule has been configured in each protection domain at primary site. 

My question is as below:

In a DR exercise(planned failover and both sites are available), if I failover the protection domains to our DR site, I am aware its basic functionality that the VMs will be powered off at primary site and we need to manually power them on at the DR site.

Now, suppose VMs are running on DR site, will VMs start the reverse replication(from DR site to primary site) automatically to primary site's protection domain?

or do I need to manually create replication schedule at DR site ?

Do I need to remove the inactive protection domain at primary site? 

How do I make sure we won't have any data loss during the failback operation?

I am confused on these questions referred to lot of articles but the confusion is still there. around these specific questions.

Any clarification will be helpful

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Yes, you need to manually recreate the schedule, to replicate back to the original primary cluster. Virtual machines will not automatically migrate back, you need to do this manually. You will not loose any data as the migration processes will always do a last sync (when doing a planned migration)