Multiple Remote site entries to same remote cluster for DR and backup ?

  • 19 May 2016
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I couldn't find this in the documentation.

As I understand, the choice of Async DR vs Backup is to be made at remote site configuration.

I would like to replicate some VMs for DR, and some for backup only.

Is it possible to create two remote sites in a cluster pointing to the same remote site, thou allowing to have one remote site set as " Async DR" and the second one as "Backup" ?

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3 replies

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Instead of doing that, why not make two protection domains, one for "DR" VM's and one for backup VM's?

Such that when you go to failover to the secondary site, and you activate the "DR" protection domain, you only get the machines you care about, and the other protection domain will remain inactive.

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Well, can be done that way too 🙂 I have to say I don't really understand the purpose of the Backup option, except perhaps to prevent an admin to restart machines we do not want to see running on the DR.

Subsidiary question: Does the port 22 need to be open between sites or only 2009 and 2020 ? That's something I couldn't get confirmed in the documentation.
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Yes, 22 should be open as well. Please see the network port diagrams available here: and look for disaster recovery.