Hyper-V VM level backups

  • 27 April 2016
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Has anyone had success making Hyper-V VM level backups up in to the cloud? We were going to use DPM to send backups up there but it requires an agent to be installed on the SMB server so it wouldn't work on Nutanix.

We also looked at Azure Cloud Connect to replicate our containers to Azure but that is backing up at the container level and restoring an individual VM can be difficult.

What have you been using to achieve offline VM level backups? My organization's goal is to go back to any point within 35 days and the backups must be in the cloud(Amazon or Azure, prefer Azure).

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3 replies

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There are a few options
1 - Azure Cloud connect - This is not at the container level by default, rather at a VM or protection domain level. You can put all your VM's in one or more protection domains and ship them over there, then restore at a VM level, all done from the GUI. If backups need to be in the cloud, this is the construct to do it in, and its pretty smooth. As always, we welcome feedback here for sure.

2 - The SMB Backup thing should be resolved in an upcoming version of DPM. Worth a discussion with your MS account team to get a roadmap of what's coming there.
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If my VMs are replicating to another cluster for disaster recovery using metro availability can I also set them up in a Async DR protection domain for that VM level backup? It seems like I can only do one or the other?
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Let me double check and get back to you, I dont recall off the top of my head.